After Omokri Offered $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Name Any School Obi Completed PDP Chieftain Reacts

Dr. Segun Showunmi, a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has responded to Reno Omokri’s $10,000 reward for naming all of the schools that former Anambra state governor Peter Gregory Obi attended. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Omokri claimed that during his tenure as governor of Anambra state, Obi failed to fulfil his duties in the field of education, according to PUNCH.

Omokri was quoted as saying that;

“I am giving a challenge. I will give any Obidient $10,000 if they can name one school that Peter Obi started, completed, and commissioned while he was governor”.

However, Segun Showunmi has now reacted to the statement that was made by Reno Omokri. In the post that he shared on his official X handle on Tuesday, he said Peter Obi does not need to start a new school. Showunmi said the review of Peter Obi’s era on education was very good.

Dr. Segun Showunmi wrote on his page;

“Peter Obi does not need to start a new school. The needs assessment may demand otherwise. The peer review of his era on education was very good. Fixation on infrastructure is a pipe drain to steal”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>



  1. How can someone choose to do this harm to himself at his age? For the umpteenth time,Omokri has debased himself. Does he think at all before speaking? Even if he speaks for the fun of content creation, does he consider his image at all. Haba!

  2. Did Anambra state need more schools during Obi’s regime more than than any other thing? Should he just start building schools to score a political point?, just to say he built so and so school? Did Obi neglect education in any sense, in terms of funding, manpower provisions and development? I think schools are built when and where they’re needed, not to score political points.let Omokiri find a genuine ground for criticisms than of building more schools where and when they are irrelevant.Govt is a continum, and responsible govts give priority attention to more economical issues than duplicating projects just for political points. So, Mr., find another ground but of constructive not destructive criticism. Help yourself please!

  3. Omokri or what ever his called, should stop votimiting no sense in his writup. PO will listen to him because his just a noise maker. At his age he chose to be irresponsible so be it.
    PO Will never change because of senseless object like him

  4. Does are the people who miss lead our former president Good luck Jonathan who will have been the best president for Nigeria but any body say anything omokiti Wil attack the person on media so why is he bringing obi matter at these times,let him show us his contribution to the social development of his constitucy

  5. This man has abandoned his principal, and has been attacking Obi who doesn’t want to descend to his level. He thinks that his unguarded utterances would fetch hima post from the govt in power. But he has only succeeded in exposing his desperation n hunger for ‘ a pat on the back”

  6. This so-called Omokri has shown time and time again that he has nothing to offer but just seeking attention. Any right thinking leader will not embark on construction of new school buildings while existing ones are ill-equiped and in state of disrepair.

  7. Leave Omokri or whatever he is called Is he from Anambra or even South East? P O is an Achiever any time, any day.

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