Adejobi: I’m leaking their secrets to you so when they mention 777 You’ll know it is about black axe

Adejobi: I'm leaking their secrets to you so when they mention 777 You'll know it is about black axeThe Nigerian Police Force’s public relations officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, divulged information on the infamous Black Axe cult while displaying weapons that had been taken from suspected criminals by law enforcement. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Adejobi recently pointed out a small black axe among the weapons that were taken into custody in a footage that Channels TV posted on YouTube. He clarified that the aforementioned axe is a representation of the Black Axe Cult, who celebrate “boogie night” or “777”

Adejobi stated the axe is not a tool for good deeds but rather a weapon for harm, often used for violent acts by cultist. He urged citizens to be vigilant and report anyone seen with that kind of axe or mentioning 777 and boogie night to the police. He emphasized the importance of community involvement in combating cultism and crime.

In Adejobi’s words: “I am leaking their secret to you so when they mention 777 you will know they are referring to this black axe and they are black axe; that is their colour”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Report to police and they will devulge your identity to the ones you came to report .

  2. Cultism should be tackled from the top, because the influencial rich ones are the ones initiating and sponsoring the younger ones, If the younger ones are arested watch out for the Godfathers who comes to secure their release, so if the lice did not finished in the cloth how will blood finished in the finger nails?

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