According to Widow “One of the guys and my husband were struggling and his gun fell down and my husband match it

Daddy Chukwu, a notorious criminal, has been caught by the Rivers State Police Command. An estimated twenty-three people tragically lost their lives in Daddy Chukwu and his gang’s brutal attack on a town in Rivers State in a single day. Ndidi Livingstone, the chairman of the Community Development Committee (CDC), was one of the victims; the group killed him after forcibly removing him from a church. Patience Livingston, the widow of Ndidi Livingstone, and their son still vividly recall the terrifying events of that day. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video shared by Channels Television, Patience Livingston emotionally recounted the horrifying ordeal she witnessed. She described the events as surreal, akin to a scene from a movie. Patience detailed how her husband, Ndidi Livingstone, and one of the assailants engaged in a struggle, during which the assailant’s firearm fell to the ground. In a brave attempt to neutralize the threat, Ndidi used his leg to pin down the weapon. However, the situation quickly escalated when another gang member retrieved the firearm and shot Ndidi in the leg.

Patience recalled her disbelief and shock at the sudden turn of events, exclaiming, “What did he do?” As Ndidi lay injured and in pain, he urged Patience to seek help. Patience vividly remembers the haunting image of her husband, standing just a few steps away from her, when the assailants began firing at him. Despite her overwhelming fear and confusion, Patience rushed to her husband’s side.


In her words: “Everything was like a film to me. So one of the guys and my husband were struggling, and his gun fell down. My husband used his leg to match the gun, so immediately that one picked up the gun and shot his leg. I was like, What did he do? So he was shouting and telling me to go and call somebody. He was standing just like that, not even up to five steps in front of me. The next thing they started shooting him, he fell down, and they were still shooting him. I don’t know what held me; I couldn’t go front or back. Even the guys were still there when I rushed to meet him. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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