According to Uju Ohaneye “The Emir Of Kontagora Told Me That The Orphans Marriage Will Not Hold, I Have It On Tape”

According to Uju Ohaneye "The Emir Of Kontagora Told Me That The Orphans Marriage Will Not Hold, I Have It On Tape"

Speaking about the forced marriage of 100 women orphans in Niger State, Minister of Women Affairs Uju Ohaneye claimed that the Emir of Kontagora had given her assurances that the marriage would not go through. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She said that the Emir had handled the situation in an amazing and admirable way.

She clarified that neither the Niger Speaker nor the Emir condemned her actions and emphasized that she never opposed the women’s marriage. She stated that her decisions were based on the laws of the land, not influenced by religion or ethnicity, and dismissed criticisms from MURIC. She explained that the Speaker had initially thought he was aiding the children, but after she raised her concerns, they decided to work together to improve the children’s lives by empowering them through education and other means.

She said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The Speaker and the Emir didn’t condemn my action, I never said the children should not get married. You see I didn’t listen to the MURIC, I don’t combine it work with religion or ethnicity. I combine my work with the laws of the land. The Speaker said he never thought about his action in the manner in which I was thinking about it.

He thought he was helping the children but now that I brought up this issue. We have partnered together to look into how we will empower these children. Take them to school and make their lives better. And I’m starting on Monday, we will enroll them in school. We will get them bank accounts and we will give them phones for easy communication. The Court injunction has said the marriage cannot hold on that day any longer. And the Emir of Kontagora told me that the orphans’ marriage will not hold, I have it on tape. The way and manner he handed this matter was unbelievable and it was beautiful.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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