According to Sani, Kidnapping Didn’t Start From The North, But From South And It Didn’t Start From Tinubu’s Regime

According to Sani, Kidnapping Didn't Start From The North, But From South And It Didn't Start From Tinubu's RegimeFormer Arewa Consultative Forum leader Anthony Sani claimed that abduction originated in the south rather than the north. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This problem has existed for a long time—it was present even before President Tinubu took office, which was less than a year ago.

More than a thousand youngsters have reportedly been victims of this crime in the last ten years, according to reports from the past ten years.

According to what Anthony Sani said in the report by The Sun News, “Kidnapping did not start from the north but was exported from the south.” It did not start with the regime of President Tinubu, whose regime is less than one year old. It has been reported that over 1000 children have been kidnapped in the last ten years. And so, while Ohanaeze’s attempt to link the recent kidnapping of 137 children in Kuriga to northern plans to discredit President Bola Tinubu may be understood, it is not acceptable for lack of sense and wisdom.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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