According to Sani, In 2008, A Lady Gave My Friend Wrong Number, He Dialled It And It Happened To Be Another Lady

Former senator Shehu Sani, who stood in for the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, told the story of how his friend met his wife after receiving the false number from a woman on purpose. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

During his speech, Senator Shehu Sani said that in 2008, a certain woman purposefully provided his friend the incorrect number. He continued by saying that when his friend called the number he had gathered, it turned out to be the number of another woman from a different state.

Speaking further, Senator Shehu Sani disclosed that the lady eventually became his friend’s wife, noting that they are celebrating their 15 years marriage anniversary today, with four kids.

Senator Shehu Sani made this disclosure in a post he made on his official X handle on Tuesday afternoon, noting that the lady deliberately gave him the wrong number is still waiting for Mr right.

He wrote: “In 2008 a Lady deliberately gave my friend a Wrong number. He dialled that number and it happened to be that of another lady in another state. That ‘another lady’ became the wife of my friend. They are today celebrating their 15th marriage anniversary, with four kids. The person who gave the wrong number is still waiting for Mr Right.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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