According to Professor Odinkalu “When Dave Umahi Calls Himself ‘Professional’, I Ask ‘At What?’

According to Professor Odinkalu "When Dave Umahi Calls Himself 'Professional', I Ask 'At What?'Renowned attorney Professor Chidi Odinkalu recently offered his thoughts on Dave Umahi’s performance as governor of Ebonyi State via his official X account. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“As Governor, @realdaveumahi littered Ebonyi State with flyovers in the middle of places where u have little or no traffic. He didn’t stop there, he dressed them up with pretty lurid cladding. Yes, flyovers with cladding! When he calls himself ‘professional’, I ask ‘at what’?” Odinkalu wrote.

Odinkalu’s statement drew attention to Umahi’s approach to infrastructure development in Ebonyi State, particularly focusing on the construction of flyovers in areas with less traffic flow.

He questioned the necessity of such projects and criticized the choices made in their design.

Umahi, who has often referred to himself as a ‘professional’, faced scrutiny from Odinkalu regarding the reason behind these infrastructure decisions.

Odinkalu’s critique highlights general discussion about the priorities and effectiveness of governance in Ebonyi State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Dave Umuahia tenure of 8years as Ebonyi-State Governor is littered with abundant projects particularly, the narrow bridge laced with palm-tree and wood planks after Ezieke Village Rural Road constructed which I witnessed last week and took the picture It’s a verifiable fact Such man is positioned to man the Federal Ministry of Works and, oversee the proposed coastal road from Lagos to Port-harcourt. Naija area!!

  2. My thinking is Engr D. Umahi should advice Fed Govt on the need to open up Calabar and P/Harcourt sea ports to decongest Apapa instead of this abrakadabra on the Lagos- Calabar coastline which to me makes less economic sense.

  3. President Tinubu will never allow Calabar & Port Harcourt Ports to become major Ports, think about it, if that happens, Lagos will die

  4. Odinkalu is an illiterate in engineering design and infrastructure decision making. If the bridges built in Lagos by the military were not built, what would have been the situation today with the number of vehicles plying that area of Lagos having quadrupled. Umuahi was not just building for the moment, but also for the future.

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