According to Pastor Adeboye:”What To Do To Be Able To Have The Rod Of Fire Manifesting Regularly In One’s Life”

According to Pastor Adeboye:"What To Do To Be Able To Have The Rod Of Fire Manifesting Regularly In One's Life"During the June 2024 Holy Ghost Service, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, gave a sermon titled “From The Mountain Top (Part 5) – The Rod Of Fire,” in which he discussed how to routinely manifest the rod of fire in your life.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized that surrendering one’s life to Jesus Christ and forsaking previous ways are essential for the rod of fire to manifest regularly.

“You want to be able to have the rod of fire manifesting regularly in your life, you must not only surrender your life to Jesus Christ, you must forsake your previous ways,” Adeboye said. “The Bible made it clear: if you really come to Jesus Christ, the one who is the baptizer in fire, old things must pass away, everything must become new.”

Adeboye referenced biblical figures like Elisha, who forsake all to follow Elijah, and Paul, who surrendered everything to know Christ and His resurrection power. “Ordinary hands cannot hold the rod of fire. The hands that will hold a rod of fire must be a changed hand, a transformed hand. Like one of them mentioned, it has to be a hand that has surrendered all,” he stressed.

The pastor drew parallels with Exodus 4:1-8, where Moses’ rod, a symbol of his shepherd role, was transformed into a serpent when surrendered to God. “When God said, throw it down, God was saying, surrender all. When he threw down the rod and the rod became a serpent, the Bible said, he fled from it,” Adeboye explained.

Through his sermon, Pastor Adeboye inspired believers to seek transformation and surrender, promising that the rod of fire will manifest regularly in their lives, empowering them for remarkable exploits. “All my children asked a question, ‘how do I get to have the rod of fire?’… Surrender all, and the rod of fire will be yours,” he encouraged.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>