According to Maxwell Opara:’The Seller is Not Igbo; the Buyer is Not Igbo; Why Are You Trying to Tribalize It?’

Maxwell Opara:"They Asked the Army to Let Us Change the Battery, But He Said No, He Wants a New Phone"

The proprietor of Banex Plaza, Maxwell Opara, denounced attempts to paint the recent dispute at the plaza in a tribalistic light in an interview with Arise TV. Opara noted the worsening circumstances and underlined the necessity of legislative and presidential intervention. Noting that neither the phone seller nor the customer in the incident are Igbo, he voiced concern over narratives that have started to racialize the problem. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He questioned the motives behind the attempts to tribalize the matter, stressing that it is crucial to focus on justice rather than ethnicity.

He urged all parties to refrain from making the conflict about tribal affiliations and reiterated his call for proper action to be taken to resolve the situation fairly and appropriately, irrespective of the ethnic backgrounds of those involved.

According to him, “So we are now calling the president to call the army commander; the national assembly should come in because the way this thing is going, it has generated another thing.

Speaking further he stated that, “Now, some people are trying to tribalize it; they are now saying that it is Igbo. I’m hearing that one this evening. I’m their lawyer, and we are hearing a lot of things.

He added saying that, “The owner of the phone (the seller) is not an Igbo, and the buyer is not an Igbo. Why are you trying to tribalize it? Igbo or no Igbo, what we are saying is that let the right thing be done.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Every market should have a recognised conflict resolution body. This would have been avoid. Please let peace reign.

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