According to Mahdi Shehu: 79.8% of the countries capital budget went to the South with 50% dedicated to the South West

Notable businessman Mallam Mahdi Shehu, who is from Katsina State and is well-known for his candid criticism of the government, recently brought attention to comments made by former EFCC chairman Nuhu Ribadu at a graduation ceremony in Sokoto. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>
Shehu claimed that Ribadu said Tinubu’s choice of Northerners for important posts symbolizes his support for the North in order to solve its problems. Shehu, however, refuted this assertion, claiming that despite Tinubu’s purported goodwill, there haven’t been any noticeable advancements, particularly in relation to the North’s security problems.

Shehu underscored that despite Tinubu’s appointments of Northerners to important positions such as defense and budget ministries, their performance hasn’t effectively addressed the North’s concerns. He emphasized a significant disparity in the allocation of capital budgets, which he attributed to Tinubu’s influence, particularly favoring the South West. Shehu posited that Tinubu’s control over crucial government sectors goes beyond mere symbolic gestures towards Northern politicians.

Moreover, Shehu cast doubt on the accuracy of Ribadu’s political statements, suggesting they may not reflect the urgent challenges confronting the North. He hinted at the North’s struggle with existential threats, potentially exacerbated by what he perceives as Tinubu’s predominant role in Nigerian politics. Shehu ultimately praised Ribadu’s critique, interpreting it as a rallying cry for Northern interests in the face of what he sees as an impending “Tinubu onslaught.”

He said that, “Well, the biggest challenge of the North is insecurity, and we saw ” Tinubu’s love” when he appointed two Northerners as defence ministers whose calling have nothing to do with security. With them presiding over, the North is being decimated.

He appointed yet another as Budget Minister, and under him, 79.8% of the countries capital budget went to the South with 50% dedicated to the South West. The North is indeed Tinubu’s “newfound lover”

The combined strategic importance and influence of FCT minister, finance minister, central Bank, Aviation ministry, internal affairs, FIRS, NPA, inspector generals office, interior ministry etc ( wherein Tinubu’s True love rests) is much more than all the positions ” DASHED” to Northern desperate policians.

NSA’S world over are never seen or heard but felt seamlessly, but our Ribadu is all over talking politics full of untruth. Perhaps he has 2031 at heart while the North is thinking about how to survive the Tinubu onslaught. WELLDONE Ribadu.”

Kindly take a look at the screenshot of the post he made on his verified Twitter account below. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Who is this mahdi sheu who was not heard during the calamitous reign of Buhari? Mahdi is just an ordinary ethnic bigot looking for relevance. QED 🙄

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