According to Lukman, People Close to Gov Uba Sani and El-Rufai are not Helping Matters

According to Lukman, People Close to Gov Uba Sani and El-Rufai are not Helping Matters

A recent remark from Dr. Salihu Lukman, the former National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the North West, sheds light on the difficult relationship between Governor Uba Sani and Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State. Regarding the Daily Post, Lukman attributed the mounting tension between the two leaders to Governor Sani’s objections to the massive state debt, arguing that it was impeding the ability to pay employees’ salaries. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized the need for APC members in Kaduna to take responsibility for the state’s dire financial situation. He urged Governor Sani to conduct a thorough audit of the state’s debts and expenditures, including investigating possible diversions of funds that need to be recovered.

Governor Sani revealed during a recent Town Hall meeting in Kaduna that he inherited a significant debt of $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities from the previous administration.

This burden led to substantial deductions from the federal allocation, leaving the state struggling to meet its monthly salary obligations to workers.

Lukman cautioned against reducing the issue to mere political finger-pointing and urged for a more constructive approach to address the challenges facing Kaduna State. He highlighted the importance of not disrespecting each other in public debates, emphasizing the need for civil discourse.

While acknowledging the difficulties Governor Sani faces, Lukman expressed confidence that he was capable of tackling the challenges and advancing the state’s progress. He suggested that the Town Hall meeting might serve to rally support for the state government’s initiatives.

He revealed, “I make this point cautiously, having practically lost contact with both Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Mallam Uba Sani since my resignation as National Vice Chairman (North-West) in July 2023.”

“I was only privileged to meet Mallam Uba once and thereafter couldn’t speak with him in any form. I only encountered Mallam Nasir once during the birthday reception of Chief Bisi Akande at the Presidential Villa, and we only greeted and moved on.”

“This notwithstanding, I can’t claim ignorance about some of the dynamics playing out in Kaduna State. I am aware of the growing animosity between Mallam Nasir and Mallam Uba, or at least I hear some of it from sources close to both of them.”

“However, given the reality that I am not close to both Mallam Nasir and Mallam Uba, I opted to keep my distance and not meddle in a dispute between two very close friends.”

“My expectation was that they would resolve the matter. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. I think people close to Mallam Nasir and Mallam Uba are also not helping matters.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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