According to Elekima “Wike came by creating trouble between Amaechi and Jonathan and got everybody involved”

Wike brought Fubara out without knowing Jesus had prepared somebody to take over Rivers - ElekimaFormer SDP candidate for governor of Rivers, Precious Elekima, said that former Governor Nyesom Wike sparked conflict between former Governor Amaechi and former President Jonathan, which ultimately contributed to Wike’s own rise to power. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Elekima claimed in an interview published on YouTube by AIT that Wike isolated himself from his previous partners after taking office in order to seize more authority for himself.

Elekima further asserted that Wike’s choice of successor, Governor Fubara, has also demonstrated independence from Wike’s influence. He said Fubara showed Wike that God is greater than humans. He said Wike owes apologies to those who contributed to his rise to power.

In Elekima’s words: “Wike came by creating trouble between Amaechi and Jonathan and got everybody involved, and the state became something else and he became governor. As soon as he became governor, he ditched everybody and had the whole world to himself. Now he has brought Fubara, and Fubara has also shown to him that God is greater than human beings. Wike at this point should be able to apologize to everyone to all those that made him”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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