According to Chidi Odinkalu:”Another High Court Judge Has Assumed Jurisdiction Over a Chieftiancy Matter in Kano”

According to Chidi Odinkalu:"Another High Court Judge Has Assumed Jurisdiction Over a Chieftiancy Matter in Kano"Nigerian human rights advocate and attorney Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has harshly criticized a Federal High Court judge for purportedly taking on jurisdiction over a chieftaincy case in Kano State under dubious circumstances. Odinkalu posted on his verified X handle expressing his disappointment with what he considers to be obvious corruption in the judiciary.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“Another corrupt judge of the @FederalHigh has assumed jurisdiction over a Chieftiancy matter in Kano State. The corruption is evident on the face of the order. Period!” Prof. Odinkalu declared.

His remarks emphasized growing concerns about the integrity of the judicial system, especially in handling sensitive local matters such as chieftiancy disputes.

Chieftiancy matters, which are deeply rooted in traditional and cultural contexts, typically fall under the jurisdiction of local courts or customary authorities.

The involvement of the Federal High Court in such cases raises questions about procedural appropriateness and possible ulterior motives.

Odinkalu’s critique highlights a broader issue of judicial corruption that has plagued Nigeria’s legal system. The alleged corruption not only undermines public confidence in the judiciary but also hampers the rule of law and justice.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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