According to Benson Upah’None Of These Politicians Gives Their Girlfriends N60,000 To Make Their Hairs

According to Benson Upah'None Of These Politicians Gives Their Girlfriends N60,000 To Make Their Hairs

Benson Upah, the Nigeria Labour Congress’s Head of Media and Publicity, has claimed that none of the country’s elite politicians offer their girlfriends N60,000 to get their hair done.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He highlighted the stark difference between their lavish expenditures and the wages allocated to sustain workers and their families. He pointed out the substantial increase in funds disbursed through the Federation Account Allocation Committee. He argued that these increase should reflect in the wage structure of the state government. He questioned the rationale behind excessive governmental expenses, such as the necessity for governors to maintain fleets of 10 to 15 SUVs for official duties.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The governors that say they can’t pay are the ones acting in a treasonable manner. None of these politicians gives their girlfriends N60,000 to make their hairs. You give N60,000 to a family of six people to feed. The issue of capacity to pay, let us speak to it clearly. What they share in FAAC has moved from 700 billion to 1.2 trillion.

Secondly, nobody is talking about what political holders earn irrespective of their status. Why are they not looking at the cost of governance? Does a governor need 10 to 15 SUV Vehicles to follow him to perform his duties? Does the governor need the budgetary provision for feeding every day in the government house? Does the governor need the money that is appropriated for security vote?”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>