According to Babachir Lawal, If You Talk About the Election, Don’t Ever Use the Word “Won”; Tinubu Didn’t Win It

Babachir Lawal:"I Still Think Obasanjo Was The Best President Nigeria Ever Had; I Still Believe So"The former secretary to the government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, strongly criticized President Tinubu’s administration and even disputed his election victory in a recent interview with Arise TV. Lawal said that Tinubu was not the rightful winner of the election and that it was rigged.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Lawal emphasised his stance with strong conviction, stating that he would maintain his position regardless of the consequences. He suggested that those involved in the alleged rigging are fully aware of their actions, drawing a metaphorical comparison to a thief knowing they have stolen something.

According to him, “If you’re talk about the election, don’t ever use the word won; he didn’t win it; he rigged it. I’ll repeat it until I die. With the knife on my neck, I’ll say he didn’t win. He knows he didn’t win. I used to say this: if there’s something in this room and we go out and find that it’s missing, the man who stole it knows he’s the one who stole it. We might not know; we’ll be accusing each other, so they know what they did.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>