According to Ajayi: So, A Man Dipped His Hands Into Treasury And Used Govt Money To Pay $720,000 As School Fees

Temitope Ajayi, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, responded to news that Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi state, had given his child $720,000 towards schooling. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Yahaha Bello reportedly used the entire $720,000 to cover his child’s tuition, according to CHANNELS TV.

In a post that Temitope Ajayi shared on his official X handle on Tuesday, he said the former governor of Kogi state paid the entire school fees from day one to graduation.

Temitope Ajayi wrote on his official X handle”

“So, a man who had the privilege to preside over a state dipped his hands into the treasury and used government money to pay $720,000 for his child’s school fees in advance. He paid the entire school fees from day one till graduation. I can’t imagine this level of impunity. What these Governors do and get away with in their states!” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>



  1. Please the masses should help me ask Yahaya Bello where he got$720,000 to pay school fees for his son from fresh to the end?the most disappointing of it all are this bunch of criminal taking side with him in all this rubbish.have they forgotten bsonquick that nothing last for ever not even the planet earth created by God.come to think of the whole arrogancydisplayed by this man while occupying lugards house or have we forgotten how this same man embarrassed our naval personnel along Abuja express way that even lead to the death of a personnel or his evil plan against Natasha,it’s a pity seeing the man that claimed to be a white Lion running into hiding for seeing just an eagle eyes,what a shame

    • I have a sister who works in one of the local government area of Kogi west senatorial district, she is on salary grade level 14, as I type her salary during this stupid yahaya Bello’s tenure as governor was less then #15k……. Her children almost dropped out of school because of this poor percentage payment…… So many civil servants and pensioners died because they were denied the rewards for their labour. I laughed when the incumbent governor said Kogi money was not missing, the biggest lie from the pit of hell. Not only money got missing, buh, all ministry and board are in shambles…… Yahaya Bello can’t move freely in any part of Kogi except his senatorial district. My candid advice for him is to surrender himself for investigation and get a good lawyer……. That reminds me, as INEC forgotten he is no more a governor anymore, cos he was alleged for double registration. While in office

  2. Blame the Immunity clause embedded in the constitution for governors for this malfeasance! That clause paves room for open stealing and looting by governors without sanction while in office. Give a Nogerian 1 mile and he will take 10! I quiver in fear when I recall that even our Senators, compromised already as they are, also craved to be put under it. Irony is, God blessed Naija with natural resources and the devil put demons in control.

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