’80 To 85% Of The People That Live In The Northwest Are Living Below The Poverty Line’ – According to Gov Sani

'80 To 85% Of The People That Live In The Northwest Are Living Below The Poverty Line' - According to Gov Sani

According to Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna State, an alarming 80–85% of people in the North West live below the poverty line. He highlights the importance of improved performance and effective government in raising living standards. Based on his prior role as the Chairman of the Committee on Banking, he presented alarming data showing that almost 75% of North West adults lack access to financial services. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that despite his efforts to communicate these figures, the gravity of the financial exclusion issue was not adequately acknowledged. He stressed the severity of the situation, underscoring the necessity of addressing poverty and educational challenges to pave the way for meaningful progress and fight against insecurity in the region. He pointed out that a significant majority of out-of-school children in Nigeria hail from the North Western part of the country.

He said in an interview with TVC, ”If we don’t tackle the problem of poverty and hopelessness in some part of Northern Nigeria; particularly in the North West. We will be spending a lot of time talking about insecurity. I can tell you this point blank, 80 to 85% of the people that live in the NorthWest are living below the poverty line. That is the level of poverty there.

And that can only change if we have good governance, people have to step up their performance. As a former Chairman of the Committee of Banking, the statistics are there. And I kept telling people but nobody wanted to listen. About 75% of those that live in the North West particularly the adult age, they are completely financially excluded. People thought it was an academic statement, it’s something that is very serious. If you don’t attack poverty and handle the issue of education, we won’t go anywhere. Right now, if you look at the statistics of out-of-school Children in Nigeria, the majority are from the North Western part of Nigeria.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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