2023: Bashir Lawal “If I Was Interested In Power, I would Have stopped The Tinubu Ticket”

2023: Bashir Lawal "If I Was Interested In Power, I would Have stopped The Tinubu Ticket"Former Secretary General to the Federation (SGF) Bashir Lawal claimed yesterday in an exclusive interview with The Sun that he would have derailed Tinubu’s presidential ticket if he had been interested in running for office.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Lawal expressed skepticism about the outcome of the presidential elections, purporting that President Tinubu rigged his way into power. Lawal who supported the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, emphasized that they didn’t lost the election, adding that he was confident of becoming the Secretary General to the Federation.

His words, “If I was interested in power, I would have stopped the Tinubu ticket. So don’t consider that we lost, in fact, even the reasons why I took the position that I took, I was confident that I have been justified for the I position I took because all I said happened even with the Muslim- Muslim ticket. So I have been vindicated and other things have been exposed in the process of their quest to grab power, as he said run with it; it has exposed the strengths or weaknesses of the various segments of the Nigerian society. It was the fact that they knew they were not going to win in a free and fair election that had to go wrong.

Furthermore, Lawal who was asked to access President Tinubu’s ministers, alledged that President is operating a self-centered government. He contended that President Tinubu made his way into power not to serve but to fulfill his ambition.

He said, “He said it was his turn and he did what he did because it was his turn. He wanted to be president because it was his turn, not necessarily because he wanted to serve Nigerians or because he had knowledge of what he was going to do. It was just a sense of entitlement. And so, with such mindset, he therefore assembles a cabinet of like minds. And that’s where we are today. If you find ourselves in a ministry, it is your turn, it’s not Nigeria’s turn. it’s not the turn of the poor masses. So it’s a self-centred government, a government of individual interests.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>