Minimum Wage: After SGF, Akume Says He Can’t Afford To Pay His Drivers ₦100,000, Shehu Sani Reacts

SGF Akume: If He Says He Can't Afford To Pay His Drivers A 100k, What Is Wrong With That?-According to Shehu Sani

Former Senator Shehu Sani has responded to the statement made by George Akume, the current Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and former governor of Benue State, regarding his inability to personally afford to pay his drivers N100,000 due to labor demands for a living wage. Sani made his response via his official X account.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“Mr. George Akume ideally lives on his pension as a former Governor and his salary as the SGF. If he says he can’t personally afford to pay his drivers N100,000, what is wrong with that? Is he supposed to have billions? Is he supposed to boast that he can pay his driver N500,000? And if he said that, what will be the public reaction? Was this not the prudent life that earned the former President the title of integrity?” Shehu Sani wrote.

Shehu Sani’s response comes as a result of growing discussions surrounding the demand for a living wage, particularly as a result of Akume’s statements regarding his financial capacity to meet such demands.

Sani’s statement highlights the various aspects of addressing labour rights and income differences within the context of public office and personal finances.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>