Daniel Bwala:”People talk about ₦36M for Senators, ₦22M for Reps, they fail to realize It’s for constituency”

Daniel Bwala:"People talk about ₦36M for Senators, ₦22M for Reps, they fail to realize It's for constituency"Lawyer and public policy analyst Daniel Bwala addressed prevalent misconceptions among Nigerians regarding lawmakers and civil servants in an interview with Arise News. Bwala, a former senatorial candidate, clarified the distinctions between election and recruiting. He proposed that members of parliament serve four-year terms that are renewable through reelection, while civil servants are hired for 35-year periods.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized that elected officers worldwide receive privileges, including constituency funds.

Bwala clarified that the controversial N36 million for Senators and N22 million for House of Representatives is largely allocated for constituency development.

In his words;

“There’s always a misconception with Nigerian people as regards Civil Servants and the Lawmakers.

“One is recruitment, the other one is election and everywhere in the world when elected officers are elected into offices, there are certain privileges that accompany that, but when people talk about this N36 million for Senators or N22 million for House of Representatives, they fail to realize that the money fundamentally that the Senators gets in terms of this volume is for the constituency”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>