You’ve Appointed 10 Yorubas As Ministers But Only 5 Ministers From South East- According to Edwin Clark To Tinubu

You've Appointed 10 Yorubas As Ministers But Only 5 Ministers From South East- According to Edwin Clark To TinubuPunch said that Chief Edwin Clark, a South-South politician and former Federal Commissioner for Information, wrote President Bola Tinubu to request that the 2014 National Conference report be implemented immediately. Restructuring is necessary, according to Clark, in order to reintegrate the Igbo people into Nigerian society. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Clark highlighted the disparities in appointments, reflecting on the marginalization experienced under President Buhari’s administration. He criticized the imbalance in key roles, including the NNPC board, security chiefs, and ministerial positions.

Clark pointed out the allocation of less than 1% of a $22.7 billion loan to the South-East, which he claimed violated the constitutional requirement for balanced economic development. He called on the Igbo people to assert their rights legitimately and democratically, noting their marginalization and subjugation under the previous administration.

Expressing disappointment with the continuation of these injustices under President Tinubu’s administration, Clark highlighted the unequal representation in ministerial appointments.

He stated, “Mr President, even in your administration, the discrimination and injustice against the Igbos has not abated. The old Eastern Region and the old Western Region, of which I belonged to, were equal competitors and partners before and during the First and Second Republic, but today, you have appointed 10 Yorubas as Ministers from the South-West and only five (5) Ministers from the South-East, and you even failed to give them the ministerial appointment due to their region that would have made it six (6) Ministers. There is no justification for this grave omission and no effort has been made to correct it.”

Clark’s letter highlights the ongoing issues of regional representation and equity in Nigeria’s political landscape. His call for the implementation of the 2014 National Conference report aims to address these disparities and promote a more inclusive governance structure.READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>You're negotiating with Labour and also commissioning a N16bn house for the VP- According to Babachir Lawal to FG