You Will Hardly Find A Child Who Shouts Daddy When He Is In Trouble, Afraid Or Startled—According to Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a well-known Nigerian writer and social commentator, recently shared a thought-provoking commentary on parental love and familial devotion on his verified Twitter account. Omokri, who is well-known for his frequently contentious and profoundly philosophical observations, gained popularity on social media with his most recent tweet.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In his post, Omokri drew on a poignant observation about children’s natural instincts in times of distress. He noted, “You will hardly find a child who shouts ‘Daddy’ when he is in trouble, afraid or startled. Children will usually cry out for ‘Mummy’ at such critical times. Because mothers are associated with love, nurturing, and protection.” This statement resonated with many, highlighting the deep-rooted association between mothers and a sense of safety and comfort.



Omokri’s commentary extended beyond this initial observation to a broader societal critique. He emphasized the importance of honoring one’s mother even after marriage. “One of the greatest sins you can commit in the Eyes of God is to get married to your wife and forget your mother,” he asserted. This bold statement challenges contemporary dynamics in family relationships, particularly the balance between spousal and maternal loyalties.

The tweet continued with a vivid analogy, contrasting the enduring affection of a mother with the often transient pleasure found in romantic relationships. Omokri warned against neglecting the “old woman who treasures you” in favor of the “young woman who pleasures you,” suggesting that such neglect speaks to a deeper flaw in one’s character and loyalty.

Concluding his tweet, Omokri invoked a spiritual plea: “May God save such a useless man from his folly.” This closing remark underscored his view that forsaking one’s mother for a spouse is not only morally wrong but spiritually detrimental.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>