You Couldn’t Have Traveled To Abuja Or Kaduna Without My Men, Not The Army—Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, a well-known Niger Delta leader and former agitator, revealed during an interview with Channels Television that the army and navy are to blame for Nigeria’s oil bunkering and that they lie to the government by claiming they lack the resources to combat insecurity in the region. He acknowledged that his troops, not the Army or the Navy, had allowed you to travel to Abuja.

He admitted that while his troops lack 1% of the weapons that the Nigerian military possesses, they are nonetheless able to achieve tremendous victories. He added that the IPOB is also a contributing factor to the state’s insecurity, in addition to Boko Haram. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He stated, “There is a full-scale war going on, and the Nigerian military’s extortion of the Nigerian state is repugnant. People believe the false narrative they are spreading when they claim they do not have enough guns. They’re lying because I take part in this conflict. I support the Nigerian state’s government in my battles. In Plateau, Niger, Anambra, Imo, Abia, Rivers State, and Abuja, among other places. You’re on this route now, coming from Kaduna. Your ability to travel to Abuja or Kaduna is not made possible by the Army; rather, it is due to my men, who work for the Nigerian state government and are stationed in Niger. You travel to Baga, Chiroro, and other places today.

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