Wike:Sim Fubara, Fubara is not an ungrateful person, what is that bad thing that this man has done


As to the Vanguard article, Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, defended his character by saying that if he was a nasty person, it would have come out sooner rather than later. Using a child’s behavior at home as an example, he made the case that bad qualities cannot be hidden for long.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He stated that even one’s own daughter would eventually seek privacy, emphasizing that true character will ultimately be revealed. He dismissed the idea of being force-fed a negative narrative about him, stating that he would reject it once satisfied with the truth.

He encouraged individuals to question those who spread such rumors and to ask for specific examples of his alleged bad behavior or ungratefulness.

He said, “I want to also say this: Fubara is not an ungrateful person. If I were a bad person, you (one) can’t hide character that is bad more than one week, two weeks, one month, one year, two years, eight years, even more than eight years. For 16 years, if I was a bad person, everybody would have known. But, even your own child that is in your house that you have given birth to, let us start with even the girl child. It gets to a stage, your girl child will enter the bathroom and lock the door from behind.

Even if they forcefully put a feeding bottle in my mouth, if I get filled up, won’t I pull it out? So, when people stand outside and say what they say, I want you people to ask them to tell you in their own good conscience, what is that bad thing; that wickedness, that ungratefulness that this man (Fubara) has ever shown or done. But, I leave that one to God who will judge everybody.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>