Wike:Farah Dagogo, Before you embark on journey of revenge, dig two graves, Is that really necessary?


After a disagreement with former governor Nyesom Wike, Hon. Farah Dagogo, a former member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, was arrested and held for 63 days. He has since declared that he will not exact revenge on those who planned to harm him.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a report recently shared by Punch, Dagogo emphasized his Christian faith and belief that everything happens for a reason. He highlighted the saying that before embarking on a journey of revenge, one should dig two graves. He said he has learned from the experience and has chosen to forgive those who wronged him. He stated that he could pursue legal action for the violation of his rights, but it would only harm the state and its people. He said he would likely win compensation, but feels it would be at the expense of the community, which is already struggling.

In Dagogo’s words: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” Is that really necessary? Would it make our state grow and prosper? I regret nothing because I believe that was how God had destined it. Let me for the umpteenth time say that I have forgiven all transgressions and injustice against me and moved on”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>