Why Will Someone Say They’ll Allow Their Cows To Graze And If You Talk They Will Kill You– According to Enyinnaya Abaribe

Representing Abia South, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has expressed his extreme dissatisfaction and alarm about the rising violence in Nigeria between farmers and herders. In a recent interview with Arise TV, he made remarks that underscored the dire consequences of these disputes on nearby communities and demanded prompt action to resolve the situation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Abaribe lamented the increasingly brazen attacks by herders on farmers, which have resulted in significant loss of life and the destruction of villages. He questioned the justification for allowing herders to graze their cattle on farmland, only to resort to violence when farmers protest, often exploiting their superior firepower.

He stressed that this issue has been ignored for far too long and urgently needs to be addressed. The senator pointed out that the grazing conflict, which initially devastated villages in northern Nigeria, has now spread to the eastern states of Enugu and Abia, his home region. The expansion of these conflicts underscores the need for a comprehensive solution.

Abaribe warned that if these violent clashes are not checked, the situation will only worsen. He expressed concern that non-Nigerian herders, emboldened by the lack of decisive action, will continue to encroach on Nigerian lands, displacing locals and perpetuating violence. This unchecked violence, he argued, will lead to further instability and bloodshed.

While highlighting the broader implications of the conflict, Abaribe criticized the obstacles placed in the way of addressing the issue. He pointed out that avoiding discussions about the problem allows it to fester, leading to more division among Nigerians and giving non-Nigerian herders free rein to exploit the situation. This avoidance, he argued, is a significant part of the problem.

Abaribe stressed the widespread impact of the herders-farmers conflict, stretching from Plateau and Benue states to Enugu and Abia states. He questioned why herders are allowed to graze their cattle at the expense of farmers’ lives and livelihoods, particularly given the herders’ access to high-powered weapons.


Hear him: “What we don’t want is a situation where, when the situation comes up, all manners of obstacles are put in place to make that Nigerians will continue to be at each other’s throats and non-Nigerians are coming in and killing Nigerians and taking over their lands because that is another subset of the problem. It is a problem that everybody is looking at and avoiding talking about. We cannot avoid talking about it. The whole villages of Plateau, Benue, and even stretching all the way to Enugu State and down to my own state in Abia State. Why will somebody say, we will just allow our cows to graze, and if you complain they will kill you, because they have the higher power rifles the farmers do not have?”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>