Why is Christ pleading our cause in heaven? — Pastor Kumuyi.

On a live video stream, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, shared a message with the general public. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric reportedly said, “Today, the Lord who has made intercession for you will turn your life around and your impotent life will become mighty, something higher the Lord will put into your life IN Jesus Name,” while speaking on PREVAILING INTERCESSION FOR INVALIDS IN INFIRMITY, Point 2, in a Friday Global Crusade. If you’re content with an ineffective life, you’ll continue to be one. If you’re not happy, He’ll raise your life higher, bigger, and better. Intercession simply means that Jesus prayed in the past and is currently praying for the conversion of sinners.

He continued, saying, “He prayed for sinners. Sinners are unaware that their sins will send them to an eternal state of fire in hell. A Chan’s small transgression caused him to pass away too soon, while Ananias and Sapphira’s small offense caused them to pass away too soon.Sinners cannot change their character, but there is One who can do it for them and transform their lives; the Lord is therefore making intercession for the powerless. He also prayed for those in the Kingdom of God to be made holy. When this happens to you, holiness becomes something you delight in constantly, and it makes life joyful. He makes intercession for the sick, and if you are unwell, Christ is pleading on your behalf so that your illness will end.

In his subsequent remarks, he continued, “All your sins were laid on Christ, and now that He knows that He died for you, that’s why He’s making intercession for you in heaven so that your sins will be forgiven and that your life will change. He gave His life for us, and now He is standing in your place so that when you approach Him, He can see your face. He grants you Salvation the moment you connect with Him since He is interceding on their behalf.…… Continue Your Reading

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