Why Do Southerners Go Into a Frenzy When They Hear Anything That Benefits South-South?—According to Asari Dokubi

Asari Dokubo:"There's This Little Girl on Tik Tok Saying Rivers State is Igbo; Come and Make Us Igbo"Prominent Kalabari Kingdom leader Alhaji Asari Dokubo voiced his worries in a Facebook video over the apparent opposition from many Easterners and Southerners to programs that assist the South-South region. He emphasized how the South has always demanded a coastal route, even before Tinubu became president.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Dokubo wondered why any mention of benefits for the South triggers hatred and frenzy among some Southerners and Easterners. Emphasising his Ijaw heritage, he distanced himself from divisive regional labels.

According to him, “the people of the south have been demanding a coastal road even before Tinubu became president. And if Tinubu had gone to start the coastal road, then every well-meaning southerner, especially the Ijaws, would 100% support this coastal road. That is it. Why do southerners and easterners go into frenzy and become hateful when they hear anything that benefits south-south? I really don’t believe in whatever they call south-south or whatever; no, I am an Ijaw man.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>