Why Arsenal’s 1-0 Wins In Their Last Two Games Don’t Mean Much

Even though the Premier League has only been going for two weeks, the league has already begun to pick up its level of competition. The majority of the league’s top teams from last season have kept up their dominance, but a few others have struggled to match their fervor from the previous campaign. The only teams in the last two Premier League games to win were Brighton, Manchester City, and Arsenal. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

On account of goal differential, Brighton is now in first place in the league. Normally, scoring a lot of goals is more significant than collecting three points with just one, but fans are now quite concerned about Arsenal’s recent 1-0 victories despite the fact that they have given the Gunners six points. Fans are not upset because they won both games by a score of one goal to zero; rather, they are upset because Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest are bottom-of-the-table teams.

Let’s not forget that Arsenal will be competing in the Champions League this season against some of the finest clubs in the world. Their performance thus far does not indicate that they can defeat any of the top premier league teams this season. To make up for the squad’s injured players and create a better team, Mikel Arteta would need to adopt different tactics and formations or perhaps add more players.…… Continue Your Reading

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