“When I See Guys That I Admire, I Go To Them To Tell Them I Want To Have S€x With Them” Steve Okoro

Nollywood actress Evan Okoro revealed in a recent Instagram video that she approaches males she likes to show her desire in having sex with them everytime she sees them. She made it clear that she is not the quiet sort and is not scared to pursue her goals. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

She said that women shouldn’t be afraid to approach any male they like and express their desires. Because that is as it should be, she claimed, men shouldn’t view women who approach them to express interest as prostitutes.

She claimed, “When I see guys that I admire, I go to them to tell them I want to have sex with them,” in the remark she made in the video. If you like a man, don’t be afraid to toast him, and men shouldn’t view women who do so as prostitutes because it is nothing extraordinary.

Thanks to her talent, which has elevated her to greater recognition, the actress has become a well-known figure among her fans on social media.…… Continue Your Reading

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