When I Accepted Islam, It Caused Commotion Because I Was A Man Servant In Catholic — According to Isa Okonkwo

When I Accepted Islam, It Caused Commotion Because I Was A Man Servant In Catholic — According to Isa OkonkwoIsa Okonkwo, the director and proprietor of Dar Ibn Taimiyyah Islamic Home School, has related how his conversion from Catholicism to Islam generated significant unrest in his community. Okonkwo, who was once a manservant in a Catholic home, told PUNCH how his decision to convert to Islam caused major disturbances in his life.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Okonkwo explained that his decision was rooted in a profound belief in Islamic teachings and a deep desire to explore and commit to the religion.

He mentioned that his journey into Islam was not merely a casual interest but a determined effort to understand and live by its principles.

To this end, he pursued his newfound faith rigorously by attending an Islamic school in Afikpo, located in Ebonyi State.

He stated that this educational endeavour helped him solidify his conviction and deepen his understanding of Islamic doctrines.

Reflecting on his youth, Okonkwo noted that converting to Islam was a challenging process, given the strong Catholic presence in his upbringing and community.

He shared that his transformation was met with resistance and skepticism from those around him, who were accustomed to his role and identity within the Catholic faith.

Okonkwo stated, “I have a maternal uncle who accepted Islam before us. He was the only Muslim in the family at the time.

“During one of our discussions, he asserted that Islam was the only religion one could profess and be able to defend, adding that any other religion could not be defended because of so many abnormalities.

“That statement led me to know more about Islam, and I took the first step of accepting Islam then. I was also able to attend an Islamic school in Afikpo, Ebonyi State, at that time. So it was a personal conviction. When I accepted Islam, it caused commotion because I was a man servant in Catholic. I was young, and it wasn’t easy for me.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>