When he passed away, my father was 82 years old. Chief Oyeyefa Agboola served as the babalawo, or supreme leader, of the Ifa priests.

Odunfa Street in Ebute Metta, Lagos, is well renowned for its active arts and theater scene, attracting many well-known Yoruba Nollywood actors who have opted to live in the region, according to SATURDAY SUN. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

However, a particular structure that once housed a large number of Ifa priests (babalawo) who frequently congregated there helped the street become even more well-known. Odunfa, the name of the street, refers to the place where these priests performed their Ifa festivities.

The revered Ifa chief priest Chief Oyeyefa Agboola, a descendant of the late Chief Fashina Agboola, was in the structure.

He stated:

“My father passed away at the age of 82. Babalawo was the title given to the leader of the Ifa priests. The Araba was him. Many of the Ifa priests lived here due to my father’s fame and his hospitable nature. In the past, I’ve heard them refer to this location as Oke-Igeti, and my father used to give them money at the end of each month, which was unusual at the time. The priests who resided here were given a complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. There were lots of places for them here. According to Chief Agboola, “Our father was able to look after the people because he was favored by God and the deities.

The building was located on Odunfa Street in Ebute Metta and belonged to the late Chief Akano Fashina Agboola, the former Araba of Lagos. In addition to housing babalawos, it provided a haven for other Ifa priests and their companions who went from other locations to conduct their trade in that region of Lagos. He had just returned from visiting his father’s gravesite to pay respect to and show his appreciation for his memories. He said that even his other siblings who do not practice their father’s traditional religion would remember their deceased father on that day and pray for him.

He claimed that because of changes made to the home, the folks who benefited from his father’s generosity are no longer residing there with him. He did, however, note that numerous Ifa priests came to rejoice with his family on August 2 at the Ifa Festival. According to old documents, this is why the location is called Odunfa Street.

He claims that even if some of the people who benefited from his father’s assistance no longer come, a large number do to show their appreciation.

He added that his late father trained several of the well-known Ifa priests in Lagos and the South West region who are now in positions of leadership and influence.

In Lagos, Oyeyefa Agboola, who also goes by the name Aseda Ilu Oworonsoki, revealed that while he continued his late father’s professional path, he also learned extra information from other traditionalists. Then he described how he got into the business.…… Continue Your Reading

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