What Took Place After Abraham Lincoln Named His Greatest Opponent As Secretary—Dr. Olukoya

In a sermon delivered at the ministry’s global headquarters during the Sunday worship service, Dr. Dk Olukoya, the founder and presiding General Overseer of the Yaba-based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, reaffirmed the significance of love as the most crucial quality of every believer. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The preacher used the tale of famous American President Abraham Lincoln to support his thesis by describing what happened after he named his worst foe as his Secretary of State. “Some years ago, I read a story about the American President, Abraham Lincoln. Also, in the story, at a period, there was another man named, Edwin Statton—this Edwin Statton of a man was always mocking Abraham Lincoln,” the cleric said, speaking from 02:20:35 to 02:22:07 of the video. He will publish essays and disparage the man; he even referred to Lincoln as the first gorilla. When we have Abraham Lincoln in America, he claimed, it is absurd to search for gorillas in Africa.

Abraham Lincoln was the target of countless taunts from Edwin Statton. When Lincoln need a secretary, he chose Edward Statton and gave him the position. He was hired as the secretary for the man who constantly called him a gorilla. The greatest leader of men is mentioned in the memorial that Edward Statton penned for the guy he was constantly referring to as a gorilla by the time Abraham Lincoln passed away, as stated by the clergyman.

The kindness and tolerance Abraham Lincoln showed Edward Statton while they were working together led his adversary to believe that he was a very great man and caused him to change his opinion of him. At his death, he acknowledged himself as the greatest ruler of men.…… Continue Your Reading

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