What Then Makes It A City? I Was Traveling Throughout Abuja Last Night And Everywhere Was So Dark. – Wike

The lack of lamps in Abuja has been bemoaned by Nyesom Wike, Minister of the FCT. After seeing Abuja in the dark last night, he remarked in a press interview that he wasn’t impressed. He believes that the streetlights in the FCT ought to be restored immediately. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

I don’t understand why a city like this would not have streetlights, he remarked. What qualifies Abuja as a city if it is so dark everywhere I went last night? These issues need to be resolved. There is an immediate need to restore the street lights. These are the actions we should take in order to give the public confidence that Abuja is actually returning. I shall support the state’s natives in their pursuit of political appointment. I’ll encourag my fellow locals to do the same because that is what Abuja is all about.…… Continue Your Reading

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