What Occurred After A Woman Went Crazy During A University Class—Dr. Olukoya

In a video posted on his official Facebook page, Dr. Dk Olukoya, the creator and presiding General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, related a story about what transpired after a woman who was a university student lost her mind in class. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

She was asked, “Do you have an uncle living in Lagos here?” after prayers were offered, according to the preacher. Yes, she replied. Go to him now and instruct him to excavate the area he just covered in order to get the items he has buried there. Following this, Usua would be OK.

I suggested that we pray for the woman when she began to cry, and you suggested that I see one of my uncles. She finally complied and approached the man. Uncle, Usua is not well. She ran wild at the school. I went to church to pray, and one man of God said there is something you have just buried and if you bring it out, Usua will be good. She then encountered the man, who was already approaching the age of eighty. Unexpectedly, the uncle inquired about the identity of the man of God, and the woman responded.

The uncle began to dig after removing the carpet, as related by the cleric. He quickly removed Usua’s hair, which was already buried under the carpet. Nobody understood how he acquired her hair. Usua’s hair was retrieved from the Uncle, and her illness was also treated. Here was a very evil man who, at the age of eighty, was not even prepared to pass on. Usua, who was about twenty-one years old, was someone he wanted to add to his life once more. The cleric stated that although the devil lacks the ability to create, he is the universe’s most accomplished thief. He has the capacity to take, give, and trade virtues.…… Continue Your Reading

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