What Joshua Selman, an apostle, reveals about what God withheld from man during creation

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder and senior pastor of the Eternity Network International, delivered a sermon titled “Knowing God Accurately” during yesterday’s Sunday service. He listed three things that God did not give to man when he was created while preaching. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“When the Bible said we are partakers of his divine nature, I hope you know that our partaking of his divine nature is not absolute, it is shared,” Apostle Joshua Selman said in the video (3:13:13) on the YouTube account for his Church. Yes, we are made in his likeness, but God also has another side that no man has ever experienced.

“The second thing about God you need to understand is that he is distinguished from all other men by three attributes. In addition to being the creator of all things, He is also omnipresent (always present everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing). There are three traits of God that He withheld from the creation of man.…… Continue Your Reading

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