What I Said After Seeing My Picture With My Hands In My Pocket When I Was 3 Or 4 Years Old-Paul Enenche.

The cleric reportedly said, “The other day, I saw my little boy picture, I was like 3 or 4 years old, with hands in the pocket and I looked at this picture and I said, nobody knew when this boy was this age that his life would amount to anything,” during his speech on “LIGHT FROM HEAVEN” || UK Glory Conference 2023 || Leeds, England United Kingdom || Day one – Part B. When I looked at the image, it gave me a lot to consider. Nobody was aware of the boy’s age-mates, parents, or siblings. We had no connection to God and were simply wandering away from him. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He continued, “Suddenly after, the light came; that little boy was the mother’s sickest child, convulsing constantly and exhibiting a wide range of symptoms. I almost said, “Sorry, the devil bothered you so much at this age,” as I studied the boy’s face, but today there was a break. In light of this, I assert that you are completely unaware of the possibilities for your life after tonight. You have no idea what God is about to do in your life, yet someone may be watching online right now. I’m come to let you know that someone who will make history via their life is currently seated here in Jesus name.…… Continue Your Reading

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