We might be shocked to learn that God is a woman when we arrive in heaven, according to Apostle Suleman

The founding and presiding pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has sent a fresh message to the general public. In a recent social media video post, the man of God claimed that Christians could be shocked to discover that God is a woman once they reach heaven because the Holy Spirit’s characteristics are all feminine. He claimed that both God and women exhibit traits like bearing fruit, breaking through, and journeying. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He stated, “We might be surprised to find that God is a woman when we get to heaven.” During his sermon at his church’s Sunday service, he said this. The man of God also exhorted his female audience to resist being degraded by others due to their gender in general. He asserts that people associate them with weakness, mischief, and crying.…… Continue Your Reading

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