We know that Ikwerre is Igbo, Etche is Igbo, Ekpe is Igbo, and Ogba is Igbo—According to Alhaji Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo:"I do not have any relationship with Obi, he was not there in my hours of travails"Alhaji Asari Dokubo, a well-known figure in the Kalabari Kingdom, addressed a TikTok user’s claim that Rivers State is predominantly Igbo in a recent Facebook video. Declaring Rivers State to be Igbo, the user challenged others to “come and make us Igbo.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Dokubo recognized the historical and cultural connections between the Igbo ethnic group and some communities in Rivers State. He notably noted the Igbo roots of the communities of Ikwerre, Etche, Ekpe, and Ogba. He did, however, express concern over certain people’s unwillingness to accept their background.

In his video, Dokubo questioned why some people deny their Igbo identity and suggested that this denial warrants introspection. He likened the situation to a child disowning a parent, suggesting that such a scenario reflects a deeper issue that needs to be addressed by the parent.

“There’s this little girl yesterday on Tik Tok saying that Rivers State is Igbo (Rivers State is Igbo); come and make us Igbo. We know that Ikwerre is Igbo, Etche is Igbo, Ekpe is Igbo, and Ogba is Igbo; if they say they are not Igbo, then you have to examine yourself,” Dokubo stated. “If a child disowns his parent, then the parent ought to examine themselves: Why will my child be ashamed of me and disown me?”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>