We Had An Unfortunate Incident, The Teacher Could Not Make It Because He Had Complications- According to Gov Sani

We Had An Unfortunate Incident, The Teacher Could Not Make It Because He Had Complications- According to Gov Sani

All of the pupils who were kidnapped from the LEA Primary and Junior Secondary School, Kuriga in the state’s Chikun Local Government Area have been found, according to Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani. But he went on to say that the teacher did not make it out of the kidnappers’ cave alive because he became sick. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

A few days prior, a group of armed bandits broke into the school and kidnapped numerous pupils as well as teachers.

A teacher who was fortunate enough to escape stated that the robbers had abducted 287 pupils in total.

The abduction of the students had sparked outrage across the country, with many calling on the government to rescue the students.

During his visit to the community after the attack, Governor Sani had assured the people that his government would ensure that every child is rescued.

Speaking during an interview with Channels Television on Sunday, Governor Sani said that contrary to the 287 students that were reported, a total of 137 students were kidnapped by the bandits.

Governor Sani said that nobody confirmed that 287 students were abducted, and that he saw some of the figures from the media.

He said that he knew then that the 287 figures given were not correct, because he had been interfacing with the authorities of the school, and that they have the records and register in the state. He added that due to the situation on the ground then, he did not want to argue with anyone about numbers.

He said, “At that time, as a leader, I should not bother myself about the figures or numbers, what is more important is the return of the children.

“I met the families of the children, and they confirmed to me that the number given by the military is the correct number.”

Speaking further, he said, “If you listened to what the Nigerian Army said, exactly 137 children were released. That is the number. Sadly, one person had not returned. That is the teacher.

“We had an unfortunate incident, the teacher could not make it because he had some complications. He was sick, that is the information we got from the military. But the rest of the children, all of them have gotten back home safely.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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