Watch The Video Of Gabon President pleading For Help, Saying His Wife And Son Are been Held (Video)

Ali Bongo Ondimba, president of Gabon, has appeared to issue a call to action to his country’s citizens to speak out against the military junta that has seized control of the nation. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He is being held at the presidential mansion, but his family, including his son and wife, are being held elsewhere, according to Ali Bongo Ondimba, who spoke in a video that has since gone viral online.

In his own words a seen on a video today…

“I am the president of Gabon and I am sending this message to the friends that we have all over the world. I want to tell them to make noise for the people here have arrested me. My family, my son is somewhere, my wife is in another place and I am at the presidential residence right now. Nothing is happening, I don’t know what is going on so I am calling on you to make noise.”

Watch the full video of the Gabon President here.

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