Watch The Moment Datti Corrected Seun As He Defended Tinubu’s Unlawful Victory Under The Constitution

Watch The Moment Datti Corrected Seun As He Defended Tinubu's Unlawful Victory Under The ConstitutionEven though the 2023 presidential election is over, it’s important to note that national and international organizations are still contributing their voices and viewpoints on how the election should be run.

Baba Datti Ahmed, the Labour Party’s vice presidential candidate, explains why Tinubu’s victory is unconstitutional in a video that is being broadcast live on Channels Television….. Continue Reading

Tinubu’s Victory, according to Baba Datti Ahmed, does not meet the requirements of section 134 of the constitution. The presenter, Seun Okinbaloye, continued by stating that the constitution’s provision outlines the factors Nigerians should consider while choosing a candidate for the presidency. In response to Seun’s remarks, Datti Baba-Ahmed corrected him and instructed him on what the relevant portion of the constitution states.

Datti claims that section 134 specifies who is eligible to get a certificate of return and who should be deemed the winner. According to him, only that candidate received a 25% in two-thirds of the states (24 states) and the FCT.

According to Datti, only Peter Obi met the criteria in the FCT; as a result, it is unconstitutional to have Tinubu declared the winner.

He said in portions, in his words:

“Seun you are wrong. Section 134 stipulates who should be declared the winner and issued a certificate of return. It says that a candidate must score 25% in 2/3 of the states and the FCT.”…… Read more

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