Wale Olagunju Remarks. “If We Say Igbos Should Go And Become A Region, What Will Be The Fate Of Niger Delta?”

Leading the push for the nation’s restructuring is the Directorate of the Concerned Patriots of Nigeria (DCPN), which has put out a fresh strategy to deal with Nigeria’s ongoing slide in development.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to the report by Guardian on Saturday, the President of the group, Wale Olagunju, has shared the group’s vision, stressing the need for a unified nation without divisions.

Olagunju explained that regional restructuring has failed in the past and would lead to further crises, citing the lack of unifying leaders and existing rivalries.

He said that the DCPN is advocating for a United States of Nigeria (USN), where each state becomes a country and a state, which he said would promot rapid development and resolve Nigeria’s problems.

He added that the group’s proposal aims to address the corruption and tribal sentiments driving calls for regional restructuring.

He added that by preserving the entity of Nigeria, the DCPN believes that Abia, Anambra, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti, and other states can thrive independently, leading to rapid development and an end to the country’s perpetual decline.

Olagunju emphasized that the DCPN’s vision is not about breaking up Nigeria but about creating a united and developed nation.

He noted that the regional system has been tried before, during the time of Awolowo, Bello, Azikiwe, and Balewa, but failed.

He also pointed to the lack of a unifying leader like Awolowo and the existing rivalries among groups like the Yoruba and Igbo.

He said, “If we say the Igbos should go and become a region, what will be the fate of the Niger Delta? Even Lagos people will not agree to join a regional government.

“Some people are just talking about the regional system; it is because of the corruption and tribal sentiments in the country. You hear, ‘we want to go, we want to go’ because one tribe dominates others.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>