View Cristiano Ronaldo’s Inappropriate Reaction Following the First Half.

After aiding Al-Nassr to a 4-2 victory tonight, Cristiano Ronaldo will compete in the AFC Champions League for the first time in his illustrious career this season. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner began Al-Nassr’s ACL qualifying game and contributed an assist in the 97th minute to seal the victory, but before that he acted in an unethical manner when the first period ended.

As he moved into the tunnel, Ronaldo shoved a member of the Al-Ahli staff who was attempting to take a photo of him.

As a professional, Ronaldo could have managed this scenario better and avoided acting aggressively toward this individual, as he appeared to be upset because the referee disregarded his shouts for a penalty in the first half.

He serves as a role model for many people, thus he must always keep his emotions in check to protect his supporters.…… Continue Your Reading

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