Victor Osimhen: Idah Peterside, NFF Should Ban Him From The National Team If He Fails To Apologize

Victor Osimhen: Idah Peterside, NFF Should Ban Him From The National Team If He Fails To ApologizeReacting to the issue surrounding Victor Osimhen’s outburst at former national team coach Finidi George, is former Nigerian goalkeeper Idah Peterside. Sahara Reporters on Sunday said that Peterside threatened to remove Osimhen from the national team unless he offered an apology to Finidi George and the former Super Eagles players.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a viral video, Peterside expressed that Osimhen’s atitude is disrespectful and should not be tolerated.

He said that Finidi George, a football legend, deserves respect and that the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) must take action if Osimhen fails to apologize.

The controversy began when Finidi George expressed frustration over the lack of support from the NFF and claimed that some players, including Osimhen, were untouchable and impossible to discipline.

Finidi George pointed to Osimhen missing two World Cup qualifier games due to injury, but was fit for his clubs duties.

Osimhen responded with an Instagram live video, denying Finidi George’s claims and vowing to share evidence of their conversation.

He said that Finidi was well aware of his injury, and that he informed him about it when he sustained the injury while playing for his club against Lecce.

He said that he has lost his respect for Finidi George, and vowed to shared details of the conversation they had.

Reacting to the development, Idah Peterside said, “Because these players have access to smartphones and have access to social media, they think that they can act anyhow they like.

“Osimhen should not talk the way he did and he needs to apologize to the ex-players and Finidi George.

“The NFF should rise to the occasion and ban him from the national team if he fails to apologize, because this kind of attitude must not be allowed to go down within the team.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>