Vice Governorship Candidate for the LP Reacts to Reported Picture Her: “I Will Never Bend Down To Your Gutters”

A photo recently circulated around the internet that caused much controversy, showing a lady smoking a “hookah”. The lady in the viral photo has been claimed to be the Labor Party candidate for Lagos governor Princess Oyefusi.

The amazed Princess Oyefusi responded vigorously to claims that she would never stoop so low as to engage in such an act.

He also revealed that Labor supporters never deal with propaganda but deal with real issues that affect people.

In his words: “Obident, don’t make propaganda, we’re talking about real issues that affect people.He won’t win the election. I’m not, so I will never bow down to your eaves or honor you with an answer. ori Ade kokin Jagun bi eru. That means the crown never fights like slaves.

Many who saw this were amazed that they responded vigorously to the post while others shared their thoughts and opinions on what they saw.

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