Usman Yusuf:”Where are our Govs in the North? They’re in Saudi Arabia, Telling God What I Do Not Know”

Usman Yusuf:"Where are our Govs in the North? They're in Saudi Arabia, Telling God What I Do Not Know"Former National Health Insurance Scheme Secretary Professor Usman Yusuf has charged Northern governors with putting religious pilgrimages ahead of the needs of their states’ malnourished children. Yusuf expressed his fury in an interview with Arise TV, saying that while children are dying from starvation, Saudi Arabian authorities are “telling God what I do not know.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Yusuf emphasized that the country’s silos are empty, and the patients, especially children, need high-protein milk to survive, not grains. He warned that the situation is a national security issue, urging the President and National Security Adviser to take immediate action. Yusuf questioned the governors’ priorities, saying they cannot be trusted to address the crisis.

According to him, “Two cups of rice that the governors give will not do it, so Mr President, you need to keep an eye, this is a national security issue. All your security officers, the NSA must pay attention and make sure we don’t get to what we are seeing in the Sudan or Yamen. The governors, we cannot trust them; where are our governors in Northern Nigeria now, they’re all in Saudi Arabia, telling God what I do not know with these children in their state. The national security adviser should adviser the president and tell him we have an emergency, and the Governors must atand up and feed our children. “CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>