US Professor Say Africa Needs to be Poor in Order for Europe, China and USA to Remain Prosperous

The continent of Africa is a place with vast area of land with large deposit of mineral resources which sustain the other parts of the world, but the question has been – ‘why exactly is the people living in the continent of Africa poor’.Continue Reading>>>

This is a pertinent question that needs to be answered but unfortunately no answer has been given with respect to this.

The average GDP of Africa is the lowest amongst the seven continents (Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia and Europe) at $9,700 (2021). Africa has the highest number of countries on its continent with 54 countries. With natural resources, especially arable land, rain forest, adequate sun, mineral resources and human resources, no African country is supposed to be poor with all the huge mineral deposit.Continue Reading>>>

Meanwhile, a United States Professor has lambasted the West over their hypocrisy towards Africa. He accused the Western world including China of exploiting Africa and wanting Africa to remain in perpetual poverty so that they can continue to subject them to do what their like.

According to his statement (not complete statement);

“Whether it’s the United States, Europe, Russia or China, and indeed any other global power, they all need Africa to remain a study of chaos and failure – poor in the end – for them to loot its resources, while keeping it poor and impoverished for them to thrive.

Africa, a continent endowed with vast natural and human capital resources as well as phenomenal cultural, ecological and economic diversity, remains desperately poor”.

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