Unveiled: Lebanese Associate Owned Private Jet Used by President Tinubu on Trip to South Africa

Unveiled: Lebanese Associate Owned Private Jet Used by President Tinubu on Trip to South AfricaPresident Tinubu recently used a private plane owned by Gilbert Chagoury, a business associate from Lebanon, to travel to South Africa. Given Chagoury’s involvement in a number of contentious Nigerian projects, such as the Lagos-Calabar highway deal, this disclosure has drawn criticism.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Chagoury, a prominent figure in Nigerian business circles, has long-standing ties with influential political figures. His company was awarded the Lagos-Calabar highway project, a contract that has sparked considerable debate over its transparency and execution.

The use of Chagoury’s private jet by President Tinubu highlights the close relationship between the two men. This connection has drawn scrutiny, especially given Chagoury’s controversial business dealings and the significant public interest in the Lagos-Calabar highway project.

Critics argue that such associations can lead to conflicts of interest, particularly when it involves significant public infrastructure projects. The Lagos-Calabar highway, intended to boost connectivity and economic activity in Nigeria, has faced delays and criticisms regarding its management and the selection process for contractors.

Supporters of President Tinubu might view this arrangement as a practical solution for travel, considering the logistical challenges of presidential trips. However, transparency advocates call for a clearer separation between private interests and public duties to maintain trust in governance.

This incident underscores the ongoing challenges in Nigerian politics, where the interplay between business interests and political power often comes under scrutiny. The controversy surrounding the Lagos-Calabar highway project and the use of Chagoury’sCONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>