TOP STORY: Unrest in Mile 2 as Bus drivers clash with Task force

TOP STORY: Unrest in Mile 2 as Bus drivers clash with Task forceOne person killed in chaotic altercation between bus drivers and task force operatives in Mile 2, Lagos.

Tensions flared in Mile 2, Lagos, as bus drivers clashed with operatives of the Lagos State Task Force, resulting in the tragic loss of one life. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The dispute, which unfolded early Tuesday morning, quickly escalated into a chaotic scene. Barricades and tyres on fire were seen in the area.

Eyewitnesses reported that the conflict began when task force personnel attempted to enforce traffic regulations in the area.

Reports indicate that the situation spiralled out of control, with both sides engaging in physical altercations.

Unfortunately, one person has been killed. The identity of the deceased has not yet been disclosed.

Local residents have been advised to avoid the area until the situation is fully under control. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Traffic disruptions have been reported in the vicinity, and commuters are urged to seek alternative routes.

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